Dubai Metro Rules

Dubai Metro provides one of the best transportation services in the world, and it has some Dubai Metro rules and regulations. The Dubai Metro Police are in charge of the regulations and fines. Few of the Dubai Metro rules are listed below under the falling categories.

Dubai Metro Rules

Dubai Metro Rules and Regulations Violation

100 AED

If the following rules are violated then a fine of 100 AED is imposed on the person

  • If the passenger has complained about you for causing any kind of inconvenience.
  • If you have entered and traveled in the wrong cabin
  • Acquiring reserved seats, i.e., seats for handicapped and seniors.
  • Putting your feet on the seats of the train
  • Eatables are not allowed inside the train, and if you get caught eating something, you’ll be fined under this category.
  • Misusing the lift or the escalator
  • Climbing over any property in the station or on the train
  • Entering any prohibited area of any Public Transport environment.
  • Trying to open the door or attempting to leave the train while it is moving (not in case of emergency)
  • Bringing animals to any public transport except for the guide dogs for blind personals
  • Carrying hazardous material in any form
  • Parking in the allotted zone for more than 24 hours (Dubai metro parking rule).
  • Distracting the crew or trying to enter the control room
  • Standing or sitting in any part of the Metro which is not designed for passengers
  • Dubai metro Luggage rule (Standing or blocking the luggage area).


If the following rules are violated then a fine of 200 AED is imposed on the person

  • Traveling without a valid ticket.
  • Using NOL card of any other personal
  • Failing to provide NOL card on demand
  • Using an expired NOL card
  • Causing any kind of marks on the public transport vehicle
  • Spitting or littering inside the train.
  • Carrying Weapons or flammable materials inside the public transport vehicle or public transport environment.
  • Carrying Alcoholic Drinks inside a mode of public transport.
  • Causing inconvenience for others while drunk.
  • Selling or promoting anything inside the station or the train without the permission of RTA
  • Smoking inside a public transport vehicle or public transport environment.
  • Selling your NOL card without permission from the NOL

250 AED

  • Parking the vehicle in the parking area for more than 48 hours (Dubai metro parking rule).

300 AED

  • Sleeping in any waiting area or any other place in the station. You can fall asleep during the ride but not at the station.


  • Using a fake NOL card
  • Damaging any part or equipment of the train or the station


  • Using any safety device unnecessarily by faking out an emergency.

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