Dubai Metro Map 2024 | Stations, Route & Timings

Welcome to the Dubai Metro Map website. Here you can find all the information about the transport system in Dubai, like Dubai Metro, which includes the Metro Map, zones, routes, stations, and timings of the Dubai Metro during weekdays and holidays. You can also find Dubai Metro ticket prices and NOL card information for travel in Metro Dubai.

Dubai Metro Transport System

Dubai’s transport system is one of the modern systems for travel around the city. Dubai Metro is a modern, fully automated rail system in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This transit system is provided by the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) in UAE. It’s known for its efficiency, cleanliness, and convenience, offering residents and tourists an excellent way to navigate the city. If you are living or on a tourist visa in Dubai So, you must be familiar with the Dubai Metro Map and route to move around the city.

The Future of Urban Transit

The Dubai Metro is a modern and driverless train system. The government’s major aim in starting the Dubai Metro was to reduce traffic in the city. The Metro project in Dubai was the 1st step towards accomplishing this goal. Moreover, it allows residents to use the Dubai Metro instead of using their cars to reduce road traffic. This driverless Dubai Metro plan started successfully, and more than 5 million people travel by metro trains every month. It continues to spearhead public transport in Dubai.

Dubai’s Geographic and Urban Transit

Dubai Metro Map shows a schematic of the Metro that plays an important role in the city. Dubai is a territory of the UAE. It has a population of roughly 3 million people. Geographically, it is situated halfway between Asia and Europe. Moreover, Dubai is landlocked from 3 sides by the Arabian Desert. It covers an area of about 4,114 km2. In the past few decades, Dubai’s economy has skyrocketed.

Efficient and Rapid Transit System

Dubai is now the tourism capital of the UAE. Dubai holds the world’s best architectural structures, such as Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa. These masterpieces attract millions of people from around the world for tourism. The enormous number of tourists also brings a heavy burden on Dubai’s local transport infrastructure. Due to this heavy burden, Dubai needed an express transport system that could travel from one end of the city to the other.

Construction and Cost for Dubai Metro

The metro plan in Dubai was the answer to this problem. Road and Transportation Authority (RTA) Dubai took responsibility and started construction in 2006. It lasted about three years, and in 2009, the Dubai Metro was ready to serve. It had only nine stations working out of 28 Red Line stations. The cost of this project was about 4.2 billion USD, according to the Road and Transportation Authority (RTA) Dubai.

A Symbol of Luxury and Modern Lifestyle

This system has eased many of the people in Dubai for daily travel. As the city is known for its extravagant lifestyle, the Metro was a pure impression of their luxurious way of life. Road and Transportation Authority (RTA) produced one of the most modern, comfortable, and reliable Metro systems that the world has ever seen. The trains are air-conditioned and have a separate section for women/children and men. This Metro not only connected Dubai from end to end but also linked it to the neighboring emirates as well.

Dubai Metro Map

Dubai Metro Master Piece of Architecture, Automation, and Innovation

The architecture of the Metro was designed by an international architectural company Aedas. This firm was formed in 2002 with the alliance of three different companies from all over the world. Automatic Train Operation is used to automate all of the trains in Dubai Metro; this makes all the trains driverless. The trains are fully air-conditioned as well as the stations.

The Dubai metro station map also has platform edge doors, and trains have a window panel that offers a great view of the city during the ride. Dubai Metro held the record of the world’s longest driverless metro, with a total route length of about 75 kilometers, up until 2016. However, Red Line is still the world’s longest single-line driverless metro with a route length of about 52.1 km.

Latest Dubai Metro Map 2024:

Dubai Metro Map Latest and Dubai Tram Map with stations

Dubai Metro Timings Weekdays

If you use the Dubai Metro regularly, you are looking for the Dubai Metro timing today. Below is a complete detail of Metro timings in Dubai for whole weekdays.

Red Line and Green Line Timings

Weekdays Timing:

Monday to Thursday: 5:00 AM to 12:00 AM (Midnight)
Friday: 5:00 AM to 1:00 AM (Next Day)
Saturday: 5:00 AM to 12:00 AM (Midnight)
Sunday: 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM (Midnight)

Tram Line Timing

Monday to Saturday: 6:00 AM to 1:00 AM (Next Day)
Sunday: 9:00 AM to 1:00 AM (Next Day)

Dubai Metro Frequency

Is Dubai Metro operating for 24 hours? Dubai Metro trains are available on weekdays as per the given timetable. The Dubai Metro frequency is different from peak operating hours and off-peak hours. Trains run frequently on both lines to fulfill the traveling needs of the passengers. The train timings during normal and peak hours are given below.

During Peak Hours – After every 3 Minutes and 45 seconds (3.45 Minutes)
During Off-Peak Hours – Every 7 Minutes

This is very important, and you must remember that the first and last train times vary for each station.
The metro operating hours can also change during public holidays. Moreover, the Metro Trains availability information is available on the screens of all the Metro stations. You can check the latest arrival and departure train timings on these display screens.

Dubai Metro Stations Name List

The names of the Dubai Metro Red Line and Green Line Metro stations are below. You can have a detailed look at these metro stations to navigate the city. These Red Line and Green Line Metro stations covered the city’s major areas. We also provide a detailed list of names for the Dubai tram stations.

Dubai Metro has 55 Metro stations on Red and Green Lines. Moreover, the Tram Line has 11 stations. Some Metro station’s names changed in the past. So, if you are coming to Dubai after a long time, you must carefully check the Dubai Metro Map details with station names. You also must update yourself with the latest RTA updates regarding the Metro in Dubai to ensure no uncertainties and smooth journeys!

Dubai Metro Red Line Stations

R11 – CentrepointR32 – Mall of the Emirates
R12 – EmiratesR33 – mashreq
R13 – Airport Terminal 3R34 – Dubai Internet City
R14 – Airport Terminal 1R35 – Al Khail
R15 – GGICOR36 – Sobha Realty
R16 – City Centre DeiraR37 – DMCC
R17 – Al RiggaR38 – Jabal Ali
R18 – UnionR39 – Ibn Battuta
R19 – BurjumanR40 – Energy
R20 – ADCBR41 – Danube
R21 – maxR42 – UAE Exchange
R22 – World Trade CenterR70 – The Gardens
R23 – Emirates TowersR71 – Discovery Gardens
R24 – Financial CentreR72 – Al Furjan
R25 – Burj Khalifa / Dubai MallR73 – Jumeirah Golf Estates
R26 – Business BayR74 – Dubai Investment Park
R29 – ONPASSIVER76 – EXPO 2020
R31 – Equiti

Dubai Metro Green Line Stations

G11 – etisalat by e&G21 – Baniyas Square
G12 – Al QusaisG22 – Gold Souq
G13 – Dubai Airport Free ZoneG23 – Al Ras
G14 – Al NahdaG24 – Al Gubaiba
G15 – StadiumG25 – Sharaf DG
G16 – Al QiyadahG26 – Burjuman
G17 – Abu HailG27 – Oud Metha
G18 – Abu Baker Al SiddiqueG28 – Dubai Healthcare City
G19 – Salah Al DinG29 – Al Jadaf
G20 – UnionG30 – Creek

Palm Dubai Tram Stations List

01 – Jumeirah Beach Residence 107 – Mina Seyahi
02 – Jumeirah Beach Residence 208 – Media City
03 – Jumeirah Lakes Towers09 – Palm Jumeirah
04 – Dubai Marina Mall10 – Knowledge Village
05 – Dubai Marina11 – Al Sufouh
06 – Marina Towers

List of Renamed Dubai Metro Stations

Old NameNew Name
Sharaf DGMashreq
Al JafiliyaMax
Al KaramaAbu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB)
Al FahidiSharaf DG
Nakheel Harbour and TowerJabal Ali
Noor BankAl Safa
NakheelAl Khail
Palm DeiraGold Souq
Khalid Bin Al WaleedBurJuman
DAMAC PropertiesMarina, SHOBHA Realty
Jebel AliUAE Exchange
First Abu Dhabi BankUmm Al Sheif
Jumeirah Lakes TowersDubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC)

Dubai Metro Interchange Stations

The Dubai Metro has five interchange stations. You can change the Metro Line to travel on the other line to reach your desired location in an interchange station. We have already mentioned these interchange locations on our Dubai Metro Map.

There are two Red Line interchanges at Union and Burjuman Metro stations. One interchage is at Jabal Ali with branch line. Moreover, two more Red Line interchanges are with Dubai Tram stations, which meet at SOBHA REALTY and DMCC.

  • Metro Red Line R18 and Green Line G20 interchange at Union
  • Metro Red Line R19 and Green Line G26 interchange at BurJuman
  • Metro Red Line R38 interchange with Branch Line at Jabal Ali
  • Metro Red Line R36 interchange with Tram Line at SHOBHA REALTY
  • Metro Red Line R37 interchange with Tram Line at DMCC

Dubai Metro Fares and Zones 

The Dubai Metro has fixed fares based on the Tier system. It has three tiers.

Tier 1Less than three zones
Tier 2Starts in zone 1 and ends in neighboring zone
Tier 3More than three zones

The fares of each tier may vary with time. The disabled have no fares, and a special discount exists for seniors and students.

There are a total 7 number of zones for Dubai traffic. Three of these Dubai traffic zones are not included in the Dubai Metro area. Dubai Metro stations fall into zones 1, 2, 5, and 6. The other traffic zones 3, 4, and 7 include other areas of Dubai public transport, including buses. So keep in mind that if you are taking a bus after a metro ride, you need to consider paying for extra zones while calculating your travel fare.

Dubai Metro Ticket Price & NOL Card

Dubai Metro ticket prices are calculated depending on the number of Dubai Metro Zones you travel. Moreover, Dubai Metro ticket price varies depending on the zones, traveling distance, and train cabin class.

Ticket Type1 Zone2 Zones (<3 km)2 Zones3+ Zones
Standard Adult Ticket (Red)4 AED4 AED6 AED8.50 AED
Pre-paid Standard Adult Ticket (Silver NOL)3 AED3 AED5 AED7.50 AED
Concessionary (Blue NOL Card)1.50 AED1.50 AED2.50 AED3.75 AED
Gold Class (Red Ticket)8 AED8 AED12 AED17 AED
Gold Class Pre-Paid6 AED6 AED10 AED15 AED

A Dubai Metro NOL card is a must to get a metro ticket for traveling. NOL card is a smart pay card. You can only travel on public transport like the Metro and bus if you have an NOL card. While traveling in Dubai Metro, you must check in and out only with an NOL card. Cash or other form of payment are not allowed to travel in Metro Dubai.

You can get NOL cards at all the Metro stations in Dubai. NOL cards can also be purchased at bus stations, on the RTA website, and through the mobile app. RTA’s official website has complete details on how to get an NOL card if you need it.

Dubai Metro Facilities for Passengers

Dubai Metro has all the best quality facilities for its valued customers. All these VIP facilities and features are for the comfort of passengers. Many people choose Metro for its comfort, convenience, and affordability. Most people prefer the Dubai Metro to their cars. The main reason behind this is the ease of traveling and reaching the destination on time. Keep reading and check out all the Dubai Metro facilities for passengers. The best resources and facilities are available on all the Metro trains and at the Metro stations.

  • There are emergency stop buttons on each train.
  • Dubai Metro has fully automated driverless operation to keep trains on time.
  • Free Wi-Fi is available at all Metro Stations and on trains as well.
  • Full mobile network coverage at all Metro Stations and in trains.
  • Synchronized automated platform screen doors stay open for 20 seconds at a time.
  • There are fire extinguishers available in each section of the train.
  • Escalators and lifts at Metro Stations offer convenience for all-age passengers.
  • All Metro Stations and trains are air-conditioned and clean.
  • Neat and clean washrooms are available for everyone and for people of determination (handicapped).
  • Large screens at Metro stations and on trains provide necessary information about upcoming trains, stations, etc.
  • The Metro Police is always on patrol.
  • ATMs for easy cash withdrawals at Metro Stations.
  • Vending machines are also available for NOL cards and newspapers.
  • A major benefit is to pick up and drop off areas at all Metro Stations.
  • Each Metro Station has food outlets.

All the facilities available at Dubai Metro Stations and on trains are helpful for passengers. These benefits can easily attract people to travel more by Dubai Metro than other modes of transport in the city.

Facilities for People of Determination

Disabled people are very much regarded in the UAE. The attitude towards ‘People of determination’ is nice. They can travel for free by just getting their NOL Card. There are also elevators and tactile guidance paths for disabled people.

People of determination always deserve more attention in any society. Dubai Metro provides all the best suitable facilities for people of determination (handicapped). These Metro train benefits help them to use Dubai Metro for smooth and comfortable traveling anywhere in Dubai.

  • Lifts Are Available for the Elderly and People of Determination.
  • All Metro Stations Have Wheelchairs to Provide Convenience to People of Determination.
  • Flashing Lights and Audible Beeps Signal When Doors Open or Close at Stations.
  • Contrasting Tactile Guidance Path for Visually Impaired People.

The best facilities for people of determination are all the Dubai Metro Stations. If anyone has a physical disability, there is no need to worry while traveling on the Metro. You’ll get special facilities and treatment without any difficulty.

Dubai Metro Security and Safety Features

Dubai Metro has major safety features to protect its passengers. When traveling through Dubai Metro, you do not need to worry about your safety. Dubai Metro Safety Features are actively working at all Metro Stations and Trains.

  • There is an Emergency Call Box at each Metro Station and train station. You can use the Emergency Call Box to seek help in an emergency.
  • Dubai Metro has installed over 3000 CCTV cameras at all Metro stations and trains.
  • The administration monitors all station activities and trains to ensure everyone follows the Metro Rules.
  • Dubai Metro has set up an Emergency Stop Button on Each Train. You can use that button to stop the train only in an emergency.
  • Dubai Metro has an Integrated Radio System allows quick communication between Metro and Emergency Services Providers. You can use the Radio Link if needed.
  • Dubai Metro Police can enforce Metro Rules & Regulations at all stations. The role of Metro Police is to provide a safe environment for all passengers.

Dubai Metro Authorities explain the safety features here. The main purpose is to create discipline and a healthy environment at Metro stations. Moreover, the Emergency Services care for the valued passengers’ health if something unexpected happens during the journey.

Dubai Metro Parking Facility

Dubai Metro has built three multi-level parking areas at three main stations. These parking areas are free for metro users, and passengers can park their cars in the parking area to ride the metro to work or any other desired location.

  • R11 – Centrepoint Metro Station
  • R38 – Jabal Ali Metro Station
  • R73 – Jumeirah Golf Estates Metro Station
  • G11 – Etisalat By e& Metro Station

Dubai Metro’s free parking facility is available at the different Metro stations. There are four different Metro station areas where you can park your car. Out of these four metro stations, three belong to the Red Line, and one station is on the Green Line. If you are traveling Dubai Metro from one of the following stations, you can park your car for free in the concerned parking area.

Remember that out of these four Dubai metro stations, you’ll not get free parking service at any other metro station. Moreover, you can use the paid parking at nearby shopping malls and other public places with parking services.

Some Metro Stations are close to the Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Deira City Centre & Dubai Marina Mall. You should use the parking facility available at these shopping Malls when your concerned Dubai Metro Station is near these locations.

Dubai Metro Baggage Policy

There is a baggage policy for traveling through the Dubai Metro. The RTA authorities allow limited bags for passengers, so you must know the baggage policy and strictly follow it.

Two Suitcases are allowed per person/passenger.

One Large Suitcase – Maximum Dimensions Allowed: 81cmX58cmX30cm
One Small Suitcase – Maximum Dimensions Allowed: 55cmX38cmX20cm

Ensure you carry only two suitcases/bags per person when using Dubai Metro. Moreover, you must keep your suitcases in the baggage area provided in your cabin.

Dubai Metro Red, Green and Blue Lines

Dubai Metro has two working Lines and one under-construction line right now. Below are the details of all the lines.

Red Line2009Centrepoint to UAE Exchange (Jebel Ali)
Green Line2011Etisalat By e& to Creek
Route 2020Opening 2020.Jabal Ali to Expo 2020.

Two lines have been constructed. Similarly, another is scheduled to open in 2021.

Dubai Metro Red Line

Dubai Metro Red Line starts from Centrepoint and goes up to UAE Exchange. This line also has an extension to the Expo2020 site. The total length of this line is about 52.1 kilometers, and 5 kilometers of those are underground lines. The construction of the Red Line started in 2005 and was completed by the end of 2009. The cost of this project (including Green Line) is around 7.6 Billion US Dollars, and it has 35 stations. This means the average cost per kilometer of this line is almost 102.2 Million US dollars. The top speed on this Line is about 95 kmph (59 mph), and the total trip time is estimated to be 70 minutes.

Dubai Metro Green Line

Dubai Metro Green Line connects Etisalat By e& with Creek, and it has a total of 20 working stations. The total length of this line is measured to be 22.5 kilometers, with 7.9 kilometers underground. There are eight underground Metro stations. The construction of this line started in 2006, but due to some global crisis, it didn’t finish on the proposed completion date.

Due to delays, the proposed completion date was March 2010, but this line was officially opened in September 2011. As mentioned above, this line was constructed alongside the Red Line, and the total cost was about 7.6 Billion US Dollars or 28 Billion AED. The cost/km was roughly around 102.2 Million/km. It has a trip time of 40 minutes, with a max speed of 110 kilometers per hour (68 mph), and stops 20–30 seconds at each station.

Dubai Metro Blue Line

The metro consists of two main lines, the Red Line and the Green Line, which connect various parts of Dubai, covering major attractions, shopping malls, and residential areas. The Dubai Metro Blue line is the new addition to the existing Red and Green lines. The Dubai Metro Blue Line project is on its way, and RTA has a plan to kick off the service in 2029 using the Blue Line.

The Completion of Dubai Metro’s Red and Green Lines

The next phase of Metro Plan Dubai was to build up the remaining 18 Red Line Stations along with the new Green Line. The Green Line connected Etisalat to Creek with 18 operating stations. The construction began in February 2010, and it finally came to an end in 2011. This whole project cost the Road and Transportation Authority (RTA) an extra 2-3 Billion Dollars. The Metro was again opened in March 2011 with ten new trains. At that time, Dubai Metro had 22 working trains to serve the Red Line and Green Line.

Dubai Metro Train Operation

A British public service provider group named Serco is operating the Dubai Metro under the Road and Transportation Authority (RTA) Dubai contract. According to the 2018 statistics, the Metro Line Dubai carries about 204 million passengers annually (132 m on the Red Line and 72 m on the Green Line). According to the Road and Transportation Authority (RTA), the total ridership has surpassed 1 billion trips since 2009.

Today, the Red Line runs every seven minutes, and 44 trains are in service. In 2010, the number of trains increased to 51, which increased the peak hour capacity to 11675 passengers per hour on each side. Green Line has a capacity of 6395 passengers per hour on each side, and 19 trains are working. The theoretical design capacity of both lines is way higher. The theoretical maximum design capacity of the Red Line and Green Line is 25720 and 13380 passengers per hour on each side, respectively.

What’s Inside Dubai Metro Trains Cabins?

There are three different types of cabins inside Dubai Metro. Out of three, one is fully dedicated to women & children. The second is a Gold Class Cabin, and the third is a General/Standard Cabin.

The names of the three types of Dubai Metro Trains Cabins and details about the features and facilities are below.

  • Gold Class Cabin
  • Women and Children Cabin
  • Standard Cabin

Gold Class Cabins:

Gold Class Cabins are available for people with a Gold NOL Card who have purchased Gold Class Tickets. The Gold Class Cabin has some extra features and is more expensive. It has leather seats with decent legroom and a separate seat for each passenger. It has carpeted floors with special lighting and designs.

The Gold Class Cabin also provides a panoramic view of the track from the front and has a separate boarding door. It also has a luggage storage place where you can place your bag/suitcase if you want to. The seats also have a tray table in front, just in case you need one. The Gold Class Cabin has a separate high-speed WiFi from the General Class.

Standard/General Cabins:

The Standard Cabin has few features, but it is still very comfortable. General Cabins are made for all types of passengers. These cabins are simple and comfortable with general facilities, but they do not offer many facilities like the Gold Class.

Women & Children Cabins:

In Metro Trains, several cabins are made for women and children only. These cabins are allocated for women and children. Men don’t have permission to enter or sit in these cabins. Women and children can sit in these Metro cabins to travel comfortably.

Dubai Metro Station Themes

Aedas has used unique architecture for every station. All the stations are based on five different themes. These themes symbolize different things, as mentioned below.

Heritage Theme

This theme expresses the culture and history of the United Arab Emirates. Heritage Theme has no color effects but many other things attached to it. The spirit of the structure idea revolves around utilizing the engineering routine components used in the old structures of the UAE. They have wind towers, oriels, alleyways, internal arches, and other elements. This duplication is an upgraded way. The legacy-inspired stations look like healthy development of the ordinary souqs in the area. There are very few heritage-themed stations compared to the other ones.

Earth Theme

The Earth Theme begins Dubai’s drive toward the urban lifestyle. This also resembles the durability of earth and soil. This theme has a tan-brown color effect to it.

Air Theme

This theme symbolizes the pleasure and delight that Dubai gives to inhabitants and visitors. The color effect in this theme is green.

Fire Theme

The fire theme signifies the vitality, strength, and solid willpower shown by the pioneer of Dubai. It has an orange and red color effect.

Water Theme

This theme symbolizes the moral values that Dubai ensures in its modern accomplishments. The water theme has a blue-white color theme.

Dubai Metro Fines List for Rules Violations

Dubai Metro is a very good traveling facility for everyone in Dubai. You can easily walk around the city using Metro Dubai. Dubai Metro Rules are also equal for everyone using the Metro service. If you violate Dubai Metro Rules, you have to pay a fine.

This is a suggestion to use the public Metro facility with care in Dubai. In addition, you must obey the rules and regulations of RTA Dubai. You have to be ready to pay the fines in case of violations. The Dubai Metro fine list with details is provided below.

Violation of Dubai Metro RulesFines for Violation
Using Public Transport and Public Transport Facilities and Services without buying ticket.AED 200
Using an Entry or Exit Gate at Dubai Metro Station without paying applicable fare/price.AED 200
Failure to present the Unified Card upon request.AED 200
Using a card designated for others.AED 200
Using an expired card or invalid card.AED 200
Selling nol cards without prior permission from the Authority.AED 200
Using a Fake/Counterfeit Card.AED 500
Entry into restricted areas inside Public Transport and Public Transport Facilities and Services in violation of posted warning signs and boards.AED 100
Standing or sitting in non- passenger areas inside Public Transport and Public Transport Facilities and Services.AED 100
Putting feet on seats.AED 100
Selling or promoting, in any way goods and commodities inside Public Transport and Public Transport Facilities.AED 200
Failure to comply with the instructions of the inspectors or authorised personnel of the Authority or obstructing the performance of their duties.AED 200
Using Public Transport and Public Transport Facilities and Services contrary to the Authority’s instructions posted on signboards.AED 200
Causing a disturbance or inconvenience in any way to users of Public Transport and Public Facilities and Services.AED 100
Accessing or sitting in areas designated for specific categories.AED 100
Eating and Drinking in areas where eating and drinking are not allowed.AED 100
Sleeping in passenger shelters or any place where sleeping is prohibited.AED 300
Damaging, vandalising or destroying equipment or seats on Public Transport and Public Transport Facilities and Services.AED 2000
Parking vehicles in areas designated for metro users for a period exceeding the permitted period.AED 100 per day & Up to AED 1000
Bringing animals into Public Transport and Public Transport Facilities and Services, except guide dogs for blind persons.AED 100
Spitting, littering, or performing any act that would compromise the cleanness of Public Transport and Public Transport Facilities and Services.AED 200
Smoking inside Public Transport and Public Transport Facilities and Services.AED 200
Misusing lifts or escalators.AED 100
Boarding the Public Transport Facilities and Services by climbing or jumping.AED 100
Opening the doors or attempting to access or leave Public Transport while it is moving between stations and stops.AED 100
Carrying or using materials or equipment that may cause inconvenience to users of Public Transport and Public Transport Facilities and Services or endanger their safety.AED 100
Causing any distraction or obstruction to driver of Public Transport Facilities and Services while he is driving.AED 200
Carrying Alcoholic beverages inside Public Transport and Public Transport Facilities and Services.AED 500
Carrying hazardous items, including weapons, sharp tools or inflammable materials, inside Public Transport and Public Transport Facilities and Services.AED 1000
Using any security or safety device or tool, including emergency exits where it is not necessary.AED 2000

Dubai Metro Route 2024

This Dubai Metro green line is supposed to connect Jabal Ali to Expo 2020. The construction started in 2017, and the proposed completion date was the end of 2018. However, it is not active, but according to the Road and Transportation Authority (RTA), it will be operational by May 2020. The total length of this line is about 14.5 km, with seven working stations. The estimated cost of this project is about 2.45 Billion US Dollars, and the cost per kilometer is calculated to be approximately 186 Million US Dollars per kilometer. The trip time and the average speed are unknown as the line is not operational yet.

Dubai Metro Route Map

There are three types of Dubai Metro Map for the route.

Dubai Metro Route Map

Dubai Metro Schematic Map

This simplified Dubai Metro Map shows only the station on the path of all three Lines. This map also mentions the transport zones, which are useful for users when calculating the fare.

dubai metro schematic map

Dubai Metro Interactive Map

This Dubai Metro Map shows the actual locations of all the stations. There are labels of places around the station. The interactive map also has details on the transport zone.

Station Red Line
Station: Red Line
Station Green Line
Station: Green Line

Overlay Map

In this Dubai Metro Map, all three Lines are shown on the actual map of Dubai.

Dubai Metro Route Map

Dubai Metro map pdf is also available on the official site of Road and Transportation Authority Dubai (RTA).